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African & Caribbean Diversity?Our History

Inspirational, empowering, and supportive are three of the common adjectives used by the students to describe our programme.

Rewarding, satisfying, and enriching are words used by our mentors to describe their involvement and contribution to our initiative.

African & Caribbean Diversity was founded in 1990 by a group of black professionals whose shared vision was of a dynamic organization that would promote the entry, development and advancement of its members into business organizations. In doing this, it would make a positive contribution to the African and Caribbean communities and to the economy of the UK. Today, we are the leading membership organization of its kind in Europe.

Mentoring and Enrichment

Since 2003, African & Caribbean Diversity?s Mentoring and Enrichment Programme has been bringing together volunteer mentors from city-based companies, largely from multinational corporations, and 14 to 18 year old black British young people from London?s state schools. The key aim of this highly intensive 4-year programme is to improve the academic attainment, career prospects, and social mobility of these students.

The project targets those pupils identified by their schools as having academic?potential, but who largely come from households that face inter-generational economic and social exclusion, as a result of poverty. This exclusion can deny them the information and self-belief needed to either continue education post age 16 or to access higher education, especially to UK?s most competitive universities.

We help students with high potential see the importance of education through university residentials, workshops, company visits and one-on-one sessions with corporate mentors.

ACD encourages its mentors to build a one-to-one relationship with the ACD pupils they support. This allows the mentor to effectively tailor the sessions to meet the personal and professional development of the individual student.


Because of our efforts, ACD has actively contributed to narrowing the gap in the educational achievements of black British youth within government statistics and has in addition, facilitated creative and practical routes into employment for this underrepresented group. We have had over 300 students come through our programme over the past 10 years and the results speak for themselves:

? 97% of ACD students continue onto post-16 education.

? 71% gain admission to universities, with 27% going to the Top 30 universities.

? ACD has alumni present at the top 20 universities listed in The Sunday Times University League Table.

? ACD Alumni take up leadership positions at university, in either the Student Union or the university?s African-Caribbean society or organizing outreach activities or events such as TEDx.

? ACD Alumni normally take a gap year giving back to the community by becoming assistant teachers or arranging information and motivational workshops sharing experiences.

? 95% attain the Government?s benchmark of 5 GCSE passes, including English and maths. (2010 average for black students was 43%).

? Over 90% of ACD Alumni are in employment, with over 60% gaining employment in highly competitive graduate recruitment programmes where black British citizens are greatly underrepresented.

ACD has raise hundreds of young black men and women of London to become successful and influential members of the local community. Our graduating students have also become role models, advisory board members and mentors for the next generation of ACD students.

Our Specific Aims

?To help students achieve the government benchmark GCSE results to go onto post-16 education;

?To enable students to make informed choices about their A-levels/university/career paths;

?To increase the number of students going onto post-secondary education, including attending the top three institutions in their chosen career field;

?To increase the number of students entering highly selective recruitment entry schemes (whether school leavers or graduate recruitment);

?To enable students to positively develop and promote themselves by improving their communication and other social skills;

?To broaden the knowledge of students about the world around them and increase their awareness of the wide range of career opportunities; and

? To provide students with the opportunities to develop workplace skills, increasing their employability.

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Association of Students of African Heritage (ASAH)
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Our mission is to provide a platform for students of higher education to interact on a Personal, Professional, Social and Cultural level.


To highlight the similarities and shared-heritage between students from the African Continent and those in the Diaspora to strengthen identity.
To make the youth aware of, as well as, provide necessary information concerning the possibilities of higher education in The Netherlands or abroad.
To assist International/Exchange students at the university so that they feel at home in The Netherlands and get acquainted with the Dutch culture/society.

The Association of Students’ of African Heritage (ASAH) was founded during the autumn of 2006 by Erasmus University students: Justine Bell, Aurelia N. S. Dagadu, Ali Nasir and Yves van Oel. In 2007, the association was officially registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce situated in Rotterdam. Primarily, the purpose of ASAH is to give students of African Ancestry a voice and representation both at the University and within The Netherlands. In order to accomplish this objective, the assistance of the members of the 2006/2007 committees: Osric Caton, Diana van der Lugt, Johishi Romney and Issac Weldensei, as well as, feedback from members have been vital to professionalizing the association.
Built on the pillars of organizing Educational, Career, Cultural and Social activities to enrich and complement the journey of a student, ASAH embraces diversity and “multi-ethnic” membership. Up-to-date, our members consist of students of African Heritage and students/persons with an affinity for Africa, within the Dutch society.
Starting with about 30 members in the 2006/2007 academic year, today ASAH has grown into a renowned association with over 500 members. In addition, ASAH is and has been the first successful Afro-oriented student association of its kind within The Netherlands. The nature and extent of ASAH´s work, has simultaneously inspired the establishment of similar student organizations across The Netherlands and fostered affiliations locally and overseas.

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+31 6 39051103
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50-NT-11,

3062 PA Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Women4africa is a UK registered organisation focused on ?celebrating? and empowering ?Africa and its women by supporting and ?celebrating their role in their communities via Conferences, supporting education and Awarding prestigious awards, recognitions and special honours on such women identified and nominated by the public.

?Women4africa? was birthed from a 20 year desire and passion to see women honoured and appreciated in a celebratory way. Overtime, African women have often been portrayed as victims of poverty, violence, and conflict, amongst other disasters. Beyond advocating and engaging them to fight against these negativities, it is equally important to highlight that African women are also ?agents of positive change? in their communities. It is their sheer determination, ambition, passion, talent, resourcefulness and drive which often forgotten in the stories of this women that Women for Africa intend to promote. We exist to support and encourage African women to excel in all they do.

Africa has over 53 countries and a large number of women who are unique and different in their own individual ways. Women of all walks of life tend to face a lot of challenges in today?s society. However, many African women have been great examples of success worldwide promoting peace in conflict-inflicted areas and contributing to the increased resources in their nations. Our popular ?Women4africa Awards? is one of the many ways we celebrate and honour these powerful women. The Awards is one of our major events held annually at a prestigious London venue where a number of nominated women are awarded for their hard work and creativity.


We work in 3 main areas to support African women and girls. We do this by working and supporting ?key charities, policymakers; engage communities and ?Africans themselves to address this crucial issue. To do this, we put together evidence-based projects focused on awareness raising and support, against the backdrop of our key areas of work.

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+44203 372 6527
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