Association of Students of African Heritage

Association of Students of African Heritage (ASAH)
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Our mission is to provide a platform for students of higher education to interact on a Personal, Professional, Social and Cultural level.


To highlight the similarities and shared-heritage between students from the African Continent and those in the Diaspora to strengthen identity.
To make the youth aware of, as well as, provide necessary information concerning the possibilities of higher education in The Netherlands or abroad.
To assist International/Exchange students at the university so that they feel at home in The Netherlands and get acquainted with the Dutch culture/society.

The Association of Students’ of African Heritage (ASAH) was founded during the autumn of 2006 by Erasmus University students: Justine Bell, Aurelia N. S. Dagadu, Ali Nasir and Yves van Oel. In 2007, the association was officially registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce situated in Rotterdam. Primarily, the purpose of ASAH is to give students of African Ancestry a voice and representation both at the University and within The Netherlands. In order to accomplish this objective, the assistance of the members of the 2006/2007 committees: Osric Caton, Diana van der Lugt, Johishi Romney and Issac Weldensei, as well as, feedback from members have been vital to professionalizing the association.
Built on the pillars of organizing Educational, Career, Cultural and Social activities to enrich and complement the journey of a student, ASAH embraces diversity and “multi-ethnic” membership. Up-to-date, our members consist of students of African Heritage and students/persons with an affinity for Africa, within the Dutch society.
Starting with about 30 members in the 2006/2007 academic year, today ASAH has grown into a renowned association with over 500 members. In addition, ASAH is and has been the first successful Afro-oriented student association of its kind within The Netherlands. The nature and extent of ASAH´s work, has simultaneously inspired the establishment of similar student organizations across The Netherlands and fostered affiliations locally and overseas.

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