GOTV – Get Out The Vote – Special Project

As of 2021, Get Out The Vote is a special project of the Black Women in Europe® Social Media Group requiring a special team.

Meet our team of experts and advisors with the mission to make registered voters out of as many Americans living abroad as possible. Further, we will work to turn those registered voters into proud displayers of digital or In Real Life “I Voted” stickers after each Federal and State* election. *Not all States allow overseas voters to participate in State elections 🙁

What Is GOTV?

GOTV stands for “get out the vote.” GOTV is the umbrella term for the various efforts made to get supporters of a campaign to turn up to the polls and vote. In America, citizens can vote in one of three possible ways:

  • In person on Election Day
  • In person via early voting
  • Via mail (either using an absentee ballot *or in regions where all ballots are submitted by mail) *or email

In all scenarios, an individual must be registered to vote before casting a ballot, although some jurisdictions permit same-day registration, where a person may register and subsequently vote all in one fell swoop.

GOTV tactics will vary depending on what a campaign is promoting, but the core objective remains the same: getting like-minded individuals to the polls. Read more from the in-depth description of the GOTV Masterclass taught by a former US President’s insiders.

Angela Fobbs – GOTV When We All Vote Team Member

Angela Fobbs is a Germany-based activist who works tirelessly to save humanity from climate change, fighting for unconditional equality for all people and empower Americans living outside of the United States to participate in the electoral system.

In 2017, she formed the Global Black Caucus (GBC) of a major volunteer organization and was Chair through the first 3 quarters of 2021. During her tenure, she organized over 60 events and webinars that reached over one million viewers. Under her leadership, 15 countries formed Black Caucus Chapters in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Middle East & Africa. When she’s not working to save the world, she may be baking cookies, growing vegetables, or watching a science fiction film.

She started a GOTV team that was part of a global effort to turn out votes from overseas in 2018 and 2020. A true believer in meeting people where they are, Angela formed the Poet Laureates, Global Cafe, and Power to the People Podcast. In addition to driving the GOTV efforts for Black Women In Europe© Social Media Group, she is the co-host of the new Black Women in Europe® Podcast: 15 Years in the Making.

Adrianne Lind – When We All Vote Team Captain

Adrianne led the GOTV Team for the Global Black Caucus for the 2020 election cycle from Sweden. Working with a global team of volunteers their efforts help turn out the overseas vote in record numbers. She has been a passionate overseas voter advocate since 2007.

A community builder and grassroots organizer, she is a passionate overseas voter advocate. During the 2020 election cycle, she co-hosted the Power to the People Podcast and is the co-host of the Black Women in Europe® Podcast: 15 Years in the Making, launching in the Winter of 2021. Adrianne is currently obsessed with audiobooks and headwraps.

Julia Bryan – Advisor

Julia Bryan is a political strategist with a data and IT background based in the Czech Republic. She has a proven track record of voter engagement, organization building, issues advocacy, and voter turnout. Her efforts helped increase the overseas vote exponentially in 2020.

As a two-term former State Party Chair and former State Party Secretary, Julia has a keen understanding of GOTV and Americans abroad. She also has a wicked sense of humor and can do more in one day than should be done in 3.

Martha McDevitt-Pugh – GOTV When We All Vote Team Member

Human rights activist Martha McDevitt-Pugh has spent the past two decades working on equal rights for LGBTQ+ persons from her base in the Netherlands. She represents Americans voting from overseas through one of the largest organizations of Americans living abroad. She is an avid bike rider proudly peddling her pink bike across the countryside.