Empowering African Women in the Diaspora

Empowering African Women in the Diaspora
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EAWID wants to be the shoulder you can lean on in times of distress.
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Empowering African Women in the Diaspora (EAWID) is an organization based in Denmark.

EAWID offers free consultancy services for African women in distress in Diaspora. We acknowledge the need for African Women in Diaspora, who need to talk to someone without judgement and prejudice. We are here to help, assist, advice, mentor or guide you in the right direction.

We are social advisers/workers by profession among other professions. So, we respect and maintains the right to privacy and non-disclosure agreement.

We are versed in issues ranging from violence at home, integration & immigration, marriage & divorce issues, custody issues, Au-pair (changing families/Mistreatment), cultural shock issues and also personal issues one might need advice or just someone to talk to.

Over the past years, we have seen or heard of one or a few of our fellow African sisters, who are in a domestic violence or family violence situation. There are many types of domestic violence, including social, physical, economic, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse.

You might know someone, a family member or a friend who has lost someone special in there life's because of domestic violence. We have women who have lost their children to the system, lost custody rights or visitation rights due to a kind of domestic abuse.

Many times, the women find themselves with multiple needs and highly complex situations, which may require knowledge and access to the legal systems. Some women try to take refuge at the women shelters homes, only to return to their abusive partners as their immigration status might end with deportation once they leave their partners.

We know this is a very complex topic and situation, whereby many women tend to keep silence for fear of being judged or prejudiced til when it is too late. Do not wait until the last minute.

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