About Irene Opira – Meet another board member

Freelance Writer, Producer, Social Entrepreneur

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Irene Opira

Irene Opira is the founder of the groundbreaking Maisha African Diaspora Awards in Sweden. She is also the founder and owner of the Miss Africa Sweden brand, working to promote healthy ideals in the beauty industry and create diversity. Irene has been the producer and concept developer for both initiatives since inception.

Irene Opira holds a Bachelors?s degree in the Social Sciences and a Masters in Social Anthropology from Stockholm University.

She has worked in both government institutions as well as civil society organizations with a focus on human rights including minority rights, the human rights of children, women empowerment and diversity. Irene has also served as board member in various organizations such as Noaks Ark Stockholm and the Swedish Women?s Lobby.

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