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Work-/Life-Balance when (suddenly) Working from Home: LET’S DO US! Workshop May 21

You are invited to join the fifth workshop in the LET’S DO US! series created by Black Women in Europe (®) to be a part of our solution for surviving and thriving in these uncertain COVID-19 days, weeks and months.

Trina Roach is an executive coach, leadership workshop facilitator, and Human Resources Development consultant. In her role as Managing Consultant at beopledd in Schilde/Belgium, she supports organizations and business professionals throughout Europe on their quest to understand how we lead others more effectively by better managing ourselves.  

Work/Life Balance – When Suddenly Working from Home

For some, working from home was always a secret desire. For others, it was their worst nightmare.

With the event of Covid-19, it became an equally unexpected challenge for both groups.

Beyond any optimistic dramatization of relaxed mornings spent sipping fragrant coffee whilst leisurely scrolling through your emails and nibbling on a warm, buttered croissant, Covid-19 thrust many of us into the harsh reality of having to proactively design our own daily schedules to remain productive. This all in the face of real-time anxiety, as well as familial challenges, added to the abruptly shifting framework of “doing business as usual”.  

  • How do I smoothly change gears to work remotely with my manager, my team, my peers, and my clients while maintaining my professional image?
  • How can I possibly supervise my children’s home-schooling/care for fragile family members or friends while staying productive on the job?
  • Can I ever find time for my own physical/mental/spiritual well-being amidst all the other demands being placed on my time and bandwidth?

In this online workshop, I’m going to share 8 vital tips on how to deliver as much of what’s expected of you both professionally and privately as possible, while also making (not “finding”!) enough time in your schedule for personal care.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” where this issue is concerned, so please be open to discussing challenges and victories, as well as sharing and receiving tips and techniques from other attendees for the benefit of us all.

Registration is required to secure your place for the 1.5 hours workshop and is limited to 100 participants.