Canceled: Black Women Meditate: LET’S DO US! Workshop May 19

We hope to reschedule and will have additional meditation workshops in June.

We hope to reschedule and will have additional meditation workshops in June.

You are invited to join the third workshop in the LET’S DO US! series created by Black Women in Europe (®) to be a part of our solution for surviving and thriving in these uncertain COVID-19 days, weeks, and months.
Black Women Meditate

Marilyn Grando was born in ’77 in the post-colonial Netherlands to two loving parents from Surinam. After having completed college and worked in predominantly white corporate spaces, she realized there is not only a glass ceiling for women but an even lower one specifically for black people. One that no one speaks about. After a traumatic personal experience, she turned to meditation and followed several intense retreats. To better herself, she realized she had to turn inward, not look for external factors to reach certain goals. She soon realized there were little to no people who looked like her in the retreats she visited. In the following 9 years, she met 2 other black people during those retreats. This seemed strange to her. As all meditative and spiritual knowledge as the Western world now consumes it, originated from Africa. Meditation had a profound effect on her and her way of thinking. And this knowledge can best be passed on to others who look exactly like her with the same experiences and subjected to the same social stress (and pleasure) factors. Hence Black Women Meditate was born.
Within Black Women Meditate women learn to meditate with like-minded ladies in a safe environment for them and thus support their mental and physical health. Black Women Meditate strengthens the black community from within. After all, there are clear mental health benefits for black people in a mostly white environment, who spend time with people who look just like them. And that is why we need Black Women Meditate. 

Description of the meditation Q&A:

During this Q&A, all attendees can ask me all sorts of questions concerning their meditation practice. If you are an experienced Meditator and if you are starting to meditate. I am in no way “enlightened”, but I hope to be able to answer your questions on how to meditate or how to integrate meditation more into your daily life. 

Description of the workshop:

During the workshop, we will focus on breath and awareness. With these two anchors, we will train our brain to focus on ourselves and be aware of our physical presence during the meditation. We’ll start at 8.00 o’clock CET and meditate together for approximately 35 minutes, and then be on our way to start our day in a positive, easy and confident manner. 

Registration is required to ensure your place for the 45 minutes workshop. Limited to 100 participants.

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