News about austerity the UK – Minority-ethnic working-class women experience triple discrimination


Low-income black and Asian women are paying the highest price for austerity. By 2020 they will have lost nearly double the amount of money poor white men have. You wouldn?t know any of this from the current discourse around austerity, poverty and?Brexit Britain: women of colour are consistently written out of the picture.

Women, people of colour and in particular women of colour are suffering the most. And they will continue to suffer disproportionately until 2020, according to research from the?Women?s Budget Group and the Runnymede Trust. If you dig down into their findings you see lone mothers are hit the hardest ? and in this group it is once again women of colour who stand to lose out the most financially. This magnifies a trend that existed before austerity gripped the UK: even before the 2008 financial crash the poverty rates among minority ethnic communities were significantly higher than for the white population.

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