The Power of a Morning Routine: LET’S DO US! Workshop May 14

Rosemary Dede

You are invited to join the first workshop in the LET’S DO US! series created by Black Women in Europe (®) to be a part of our solution for surviving and thriving in these uncertain COVID-19 days, weeks, and months.

Rosemary Dede was born in Germany and grew up in Belgium. In 2013, moved to Ghana to work and discover her roots. She eventually returned to Belgium and lives with her husband and two kids. She has always been passionate about helping women live their lives to the fullest and is an avid believer in living holistically. Living in Europe and Africa fuelled her passion to connect with and support women of colour through a multifaceted social community. She is the founder of Shetribe, a paid on and offline community. The Shetribe platform is a place where women can be together, be themselves, live optimally, and inspire and uplift one another.

Registration is required to ensure your place for the 1 hour workshop. Limited to 100 participants.

Work-/Life-Balance when (suddenly) Working from Home: LET’S DO US! Workshop May 21

You are invited to join the fifth workshop in the LET’S DO US! series created by Black Women in Europe (®) to be a part of our solution for surviving and thriving in these uncertain COVID-19 days, weeks and months.

Trina Roach is an executive coach, leadership workshop facilitator, and Human Resources Development consultant. In her role as Managing Consultant at beopledd in Schilde/Belgium, she supports organizations and business professionals throughout Europe on their quest to understand how we lead others more effectively by better managing ourselves.  

Work/Life Balance – When Suddenly Working from Home

For some, working from home was always a secret desire. For others, it was their worst nightmare.

With the event of Covid-19, it became an equally unexpected challenge for both groups.

Beyond any optimistic dramatization of relaxed mornings spent sipping fragrant coffee whilst leisurely scrolling through your emails and nibbling on a warm, buttered croissant, Covid-19 thrust many of us into the harsh reality of having to proactively design our own daily schedules to remain productive. This all in the face of real-time anxiety, as well as familial challenges, added to the abruptly shifting framework of “doing business as usual”.  

  • How do I smoothly change gears to work remotely with my manager, my team, my peers, and my clients while maintaining my professional image?
  • How can I possibly supervise my children’s home-schooling/care for fragile family members or friends while staying productive on the job?
  • Can I ever find time for my own physical/mental/spiritual well-being amidst all the other demands being placed on my time and bandwidth?

In this online workshop, I’m going to share 8 vital tips on how to deliver as much of what’s expected of you both professionally and privately as possible, while also making (not “finding”!) enough time in your schedule for personal care.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” where this issue is concerned, so please be open to discussing challenges and victories, as well as sharing and receiving tips and techniques from other attendees for the benefit of us all.

Registration is required to secure your place for the 1.5 hours workshop and is limited to 100 participants.

Producer’s Talk for Adults: LET’S DO US! May 20

You are invited to join the fourth workshop in the LET’S DO US! series created by Black Women in Europe (®) to be a part of our solution for surviving and thriving in these uncertain COVID-19 days, weeks and months.

Rhoda Wilson

Rhoda Wilson is a creator, producer, and director well respected in Nollywood UK. In 2019, Rhoda produced her third Christmas movie; Christmas In London which was successfully premiered in November 2019, London. In 2018, Rhoda produced and directed her second Christmas movie for children; The Christmas Gift and was a hit with the Children when it premiered in November 2018 followed by theatrical releases in London and Birmingham. She was the director and one of the executive producers of Miracles of the Christmas Angels which had a successful and well-attended premiere in November 2017 at the Vue Cinema in Westfield Stratford. Both productions, from pre-production to delivery took an average of 13 months.

Rhoda also created and was the executive producer of the successful TV series Housewives & Girlfriends which debuted on Africa Magic urban channel 153 in 2015 and in 2018 went global on Amazon Prime. Housewives & Girlfriends is a 30-minute drama series with comical undertones set in London, UK.  Season 1 took 18 months to complete whilst a shorter period was achieved for Season 2. In 2019, she embarked on her second Tv Series, which was created by her, House Share about a group of tenants and is under production. Read Rhoda’s full bio and list of accomplishments.

Registration is required to ensure your place for this one hour talk. Limited to 100 participants.

Bellydance workout class: LET’S DO US! Series

You are invited to let loose and have fun with a Bellydance workout class led by Chantal Dos Santos on June 25, 2020, during the LET’S DO US! series created by Black Women in Europe (®) to be a part of our solution for surviving and thriving in these uncertain COVID-19 days, weeks, and months.

Chantal Dos Santos

Chantal Dos Santos
Chantal is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on dance. She has been active in improvisation, Contemporary dance, Afro-Caribbean, and Oriental Dance in addition to a variety of world folk dances. Chantal is recognized by the Canada Council for the Arts as a Cultural Connector and has been funded by both the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council to undertake choreography projects in Canada and abroad. As a teacher, her course offerings have included: Holistic Bellydance, Afro-Caribbean Dance, Dance Improvisation, Movement Meditation, Supple & Strong: Hip and Pelvic Floor Training, and SocaFit. Chantal splits her time between Canada, Barbados, and Germany. Find out more about Chantal’s work at and under her stage name ‘Jomana’ at

​Bellydance Workout

Using fundamental Bellydance movements, this gentle yet full-body workout focuses on mobilizing your body and enlivening your spirit. Suitable for all levels of ability, this workout emphasizes the balanced wellness of mind, body, and spirit. 

Registration is required and limited to 100 participants.


FAWCO announces the 2020 Resolutions and Recommendations Chair


I am proud to be a part of this FAWCO team.

Adrianne George

As anyone knows who has tried to describe FAWCO in a few brief sentences, our four pillars of Club Support, Philanthropy, Global Issues and US Issues encompass a world of issues.  Through examining our efforts every two years, we ask our Resolutions and Recommendations Committee to articulate the issues most important right now to the FAWCO Membership and help us focus our energies around our shared core values. We are not a political organization, but there are many issues where agreement can be found amongst our membership. The R&Rs are voted on by our FAWCO clubs at our Biennial Conference, and they are referenced regularly by the board and all our volunteers.  Christine Rigby Hall (AWC Amsterdam)has agreed to serve as FAWCO’s Resolutions and Recommendations Chair.  Christine impressed greatly as the Chair of the 12-member Target Selection Committee, leading the group through a comprehensive review of fifteen excellent project proposals and eventually selecting the top three for consideration of the FAWCO Clubs.

She studied Psychology and received a BA from the University of Kentucky and an MS from Springfield College.  Christine developed professional experience in the fields of Talent Acquisition, Development and Management and has a great track record of leading teams through complicated analysis and transitions.  She will be working with a R&R team to include Deanna Brittain (AWC Basel), Karen Castellon (AWC Berlin), and Adrianne George (AWC Gothenberg, AWC Malmö, AWC Stockholm). 

Let’s do us! Together we can survive and thrive during this virus crisis.

Let's do us!

We can help each other if we pool our resources, offer moral support and share our expertise.

Take this unprecedented opportunity life has given us to make a difference in our local and global communities by sharing, learning, and giving.

1. Gift your services or products and be included in a curated list of resources for women and families to keep it together during self or government-imposed lockdown.

2. Share your expertise as a panelist in a series of workshops that will cover topics from prioritizing work and life balance to homeschooling.

3. List your online business in our directory exclusively for black women in Europe to be discovered by black women and others everywhere.

The link to the participation form can be found on Facebook in our group for women in Europe and in our group for women around the world.

If you have other ideas we can implement just email me on contact (at)

I so appreciate your support and what you give me by reading this post. LET’S DO US!

xx Adrianne

“Five Clicks Up From Trailer Trash” is what she called Meghan Markle

Source: Buzzfeed

A clip of an MSNBC guest referring to Meghan Markle as “five clicks up from trailer trash” on air Saturday has gone viral and is being cited as an example of why she and husband Prince Harry have chosen to step back as working members of the royal family for a one-year review period.

During the MSNBC Live segment, British reporter Victoria Mather, who was incorrectly identified on the show as a “Vanity Fair Royals Watcher,” said that the Duchess of Sussex has been “disrespectful” to the royal family and its protocol.

“I think what is real has really, really upset the British public is that Meghan Markle, who many people consider as only, you know, five clicks up from trailer trash, has actually tried to disrespect the queen,” she said. “And the queen is the most respected person, most respected woman, in the world.”

Read the full story, and send in the names and website links of organizations in Europe that support black women to

Research shows youth with migration background outperforming ethnic Danish youth in education

New research shows that young people with a non-Western background are more likely to achieve higher education than ethnic Danish young people. Overall, migrants and refugees have lower educational levels than ethnic Danes, and children with non-Western backgrounds get lower grades in school. But a study by the independent think tank DEA finds that the opposite is true after controlling for parents? income and other socioeconomic factors.

In other words, a young person growing up in Denmark with non-Western parents is more likely to end up getting a higher education than an ethnic Danish peer if their parents have the same level of income.

Read the full story.

Accepting the Sisterhood of Greatness Award

Sisterhood Agenda

It truly was an amazing day at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC for the Sisterhood Agenda Sisterhood of Greatness Award Ceremony.

Angela Coleman, Founder & President of Sisterhood Agenda, 2nd from L – Adrianne George, Founder of Black Women in Europe, 3rd from R – Ayana Coleman-Dixon, Sisterhood Agenda Secretary, and Blanche A. Williams, author of the Sisterhood Manifesto.

The ancestors truly were with us in the Oprah Winfrey Theater and I am grateful and proud to have accepted this award for all of the Black Women in Europe family.