BWIESMG is a Swedish-based non-profit organization with the purpose to empower black women in Sweden and across Europe.

The organization has the following objectives towards empowerment, inclusiveness and participation of black women in society:

i. To provide alternative platforms to mainstream media to showcase and promote positive images and news stories about black women in Europe. The platforms will include a multi-award winning blog and social media.

ii. To maintain a directory of organizations across Europe that support black women.

iii. To award scholarships to black women in Europe to study entrepreneurship, journalism and media.

Would you like to become a member of our organization?


i. Membership is open to all black women in Europe and others who share the ideals and goals of Black Women in Europe® Social Media Group. For these purposes, a black woman is defined as having African descent. 

ii. Membership applications will be processed via the Internet on a short application form requesting name, photo, email, and geographical location. All membership application information is held in strict confidence and not distributed to the public or other members without approval of the applicant or member. Applications for membership may only be refused if it can be assumed that the applicant will oppose the association’s purpose or otherwise damage the interests of the association.

To join complete the application from this link.